Friday, January 13, 2006

Eat At Joe's

It has been many moons since I traveled that old familiar road. Too long. I think it was Thoureau who said "the grass never grows tall between the houses of good friends." Unfortunately, this wasn't the case. Since I went off to college, I've felt very off kilter as to where 'home' is. I like my cozy little house on the corner, but even in high school it was 'home.' That was reserved partly to the apartment we used to live in and more so to my grandparents' farm. But the longer I lived in the town I'm at now, the less my old town and the farm seemed like home. Then college. Now that seems like home, but it's recently hit me that I will only be there for a maximum of 7 semesters, more likely 4 or 5. So that can't be home. The people can be 'home' in the sense that people give you that 'home' feeling. But they are not a place to live. I resigned myself to not have a physical 'home.' Like I said before, I have a nice house, but it's not quite home.

I think for a house to be a home, it needs A) family (most important) and B) be in the country or small town and C) not be a cardboard box or really gross or something, although I think a sod house could be home. I'm so weird. :P

It was a few days ago that I went down to visit my bestest friend in the whole wide world, Kali, before she goes off to Iraq. She lives about 3 or 4 hours from me, but we managed to see each other. In high school, mom would work Christmas and I would spend it with them. Plus I would usually come for a couple of weeks in the summer. I would also see her at retreats and camp. I really felt like I was part of the family and that her house was my second home. I would treat her younger brother and sister like the siblings I never had and I think they thought of me as another older sister. (Although I never really saw her older brother as a brother.) Her parents had no problem asking me to help out with chores or giving me Christmas presents or asking me to help with retreats or help with me with problems or any other normal family things. I really was at home there. But I really haven't gotten a chance to visit since I've been sick. (A year and a half.)

It was when we hit the sign that says "Eat at Joe's" that I realized just how much I missed them all. I was very happy to find out that, while Kali's younger brother was now in high school and looks it, and the house was redone, there was still a place there for me. I felt like I had come home. We got there in time for supper. We all sat down to eat and I fell into their regular dinner conversation like I'd never left. Now that is home.


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