Monday, January 16, 2006

Not An Intelligent Person

Well I'm back. It's time for studying, running around campus, going to class, eating yucky food, living in a small space with way too much stuff and generally being a college student. The plane ride here was fairly uneventful, except taht I thought I didn't have my driver's licence, so I had to go through extra security. (Not too bad.) But then later found it in my back pack. Way to go Phantom. And the airline stewardess sounded like a female chipmuck. Seriously, if you took the drunk lady off of Will and Grace (I hate that show so much) and put it with a cheerleader, that's about what she was. So funny. She had the whole plane cracking up. Also on the plane I met a very nice girl who's from about a half an hour away from where I live and she goes to college at Patrick Henry (not far from Christendom)! I thought that was great. Katie picked me up, as usual. We went to a Middle Eastern resturant and got some hot pepper hummus and pieta bread. Pretty darn authentic if you ask me. Although the pieta bread was a bit fluffier in Israel. It was fun to be back at Katie's house. I really like her whole family.

And then back to school. Ahh! Lets go say hi to everyone! No, not so much. I was happy to see everyone, I just didn't feel like getting all worked up about it. Really, this semester I was to just do my homework, have a little fun, get to class, get to Mass, and get to sleep. I don't want any drama. I don't want to be angry, or sad, or overjoyed, or anything. I just want to be content and not have any excitement. Wow, I am a hobbit. I'm excited for classes to start. Check that, I'm excited for metaphysics to start. :)P That should be a fun class. And great news! I only had to buy one, count it, one book for this semester!!! How freaking cool is that? Little Phantom happy dance. :)

All in all, I'm glad to be back at school. I think this semester is going to be good. But I'm going to lay down now.


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