Saturday, January 28, 2006


I’m not gonna lie to you, today was a good day. It really was. I got up this morning, did my Latin. (And got it almost all done, too!) Took a shower, straightened my hair and watched House. (Three patients come in complaining of leg pain. . . . )

And that was a couple of days ago. I don’t remember where I was going with this post, but it was somewhere, I promise you this. :) (Don’t hate me because I’m scatterbrained. . . .) In between the beginning of this post and now, I’ve gotten sick a couple of times and been very blah, but things are very much looking up right now. Today was great. I have come to realize how much I love our Schola. I mean really, I miss them so much when I’m at home. I want to put them in my pocket and take them home with me. Got an omelet at brunch (too many onions, but that’s normal.) Talked to Joe for the first time in forever. That was fun. And then, sad news. The Legion of Mary marches on, so it was time for the Pilgrim Virgin to leave our wing. We’ve had her since before Christmas break, so I’ve gotten very used to her being in our hallway. (Don’t worry, I’ll get over it.) Then it was guy’s open house. Haha. Liz and I dropped by the basement of Ben’s where we were told that God hates us because we were wearing pants. Lovely. Then we swung by the dungeon and saw Matt & Andrew. Matt showed me what he has done of the movie so far. W00t! I’m so excited for the film fest. Except I realized that his lead actress was a little chubby. Hmm. . . workout time for me. We met up with Pete and took him over to Kevin’s to see Claire. It was so cute, we were walking over there and she was walking back to campus and they ended up running towards each other in the middle of a field. I have to say, that’s one of the cutest, funnies, corniest things I’ve ever seen. :) Really, it was great. Once we got over to Kevin’s, we found out that Monica was completely schooling all the guys in SSX Tricky. None of the guys would even play with her in the room, she was so much better. Eventually they broke out the Tony Hawk and I didn’t feel so video game illiterate. Collin showed me the music video that he, his little brother, and Joe made. Strawberry chicken and macaroni and cheese, ah! It was soo cool. I walked around singing it for the rest of the day. He he. Super was awesome. I got to talk with one of the guys who graduated last year. He’s a fun kid, you should read his blog.

Here comes the really BIG news. So I was on the phone with my mom and she had this wild hair to call my aunt, not her sister, my dad’s sister. Yea, that in and of itself is not normal. Apparently my brother and sister want to meet me. I didn’t even know they knew I existed!! Yea, it’s so crazy. I am, like, freaking out excited. I never counted them as part of my family, because I’d never met them and figured they didn’t count me as part of theirs. But yea. My brother just got married and my sister has two girls. So I’m an aunt! And they may know where my dad is. This is all stuff I’ve been dreaming about since I was a little girl. Absolutely nuts, I tell ya. :)


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That's great, Judit!!! I'm so excited about you and your familia. I hope everything goes well for you all!

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