Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I have been found out. People now read this blog, therefore I must post something worth posting. Ha! Don't get your hopes up, folks. And so, what has been happening in the life of the Phantom lately. Lots of saints have been happening lately. First of all, St. Valentine's Day. This year was a nice change from the crap of last year. I have found out that if you break up with your boyfriend in January and Valentine's Day falls in February, it will not be fun. HOWEVER, if you acquire a boyfriend in the beginning of February and Valentine's Day falls in the middle, life is good. Granted, I've had 17 Valentine's Days without a boyfriend or recent privation of one that were perfectly normal. This one was just particularly . . . wonderful. Then there was St. Genisius's Night. Basically an excuse for CC students to get on stage and be silly. Good, good times. Pictures for yous.

St. V Day

St. G Day


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Woah, deja vu. Pretty sure I just read this! :P

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