Sunday, February 19, 2006

Looking Up

I have to say, life is looking up, even though I'm sick, sick, sick. There is something comforting in having a cold/the flu. That is, everyone else gets it too. There is medicine to take (but not too much!) and things to be done to help it and knowledge that it will go away (eventually.)
Anyway, remind me to blog later about St. Valentine's Day, St. Geniseus's Night (spelling?), and I still haven't posted about the March for Life! Oh! And the Smitha date!
I've got a lot to do!
But the library is closing, so off I go to my dorm like a good little college student.


Blogger Meche said...

HOBBIT!!! Why didn't you inform me that you started your own blog?! Are you still gonna have time for 2 others?! Tell the truth. *wagging finger* Help me try to salvage ¿Qué?. Don't let it die on me! I posted, by the way. Pretty much updated everything that's happened since Christmas vacation. It was probably my longest post ever and yet, still probably not as long as the few Lorena has posted. *shrugs*

5:15 PM  

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