Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Let There Be Irish

I know this post is a little late, but it had to come at some point. I've been meaning to blog about St. Paddy's Day for some time now. It all started on Thursday. That's when CC celebrated, because the next day was the beginning of Spring Break and D. O'D was heading for the penal colonies. (Australia.) We had a nice 'Irish' supper. With Guinness and Killian's to go around. Poor Matt had given up alcohol for Lent and for some reason decided not to take advantage of the dispensation. *shrug* Silly boy. Right after supper, a bunch of the boys did a reenactment of the Irish independence from the Black and Tans. Mostly it ended up being the boys shooting each other with their airsoft guns.

But Pete did a pretty darn good job of being an Irish general. Megan and I managed to get our Latin done between supper and the festivities (that didn't include guns.) We decided that the beer we had at supper helped. Seriously, I'd never gotten through Latin so fast! (And turns out the next day that it was right, too!) The formal festivities started with the colorguard and a blessing and a few Irish saints. Then came the singing and the dancing. D. O'D lead the 'clansmen' in many great Irish songs. The crowd was asked to sing along, so we all belted out our favorites at the top of our lungs. I began to lose my voice at Black Velvet Band and finished it off with Finnegan's Wake.


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