Sunday, April 16, 2006

World Domination

Recap on my life since my 'to do list.' The play went successfully. I've got some great pictures, that I'll post someday. Seriously, it was great. Didn't get pink eye, which was great. Got a D on the Latin test I needed an A on. Got sick during the Mystery Dinner Theater, but that's okay, because it was dumb. The hair cutting went well. I had two very happy people and one very sad. (That made me sad.) The English paper proposal went well, though. Now I just have to write the paper. I broke up with Matt, because I'm a silly person who doesn't know where her life is going. It's Easter break and more importantly, Easter Sunday. Christ is risen! (I checked.) I'm sitting on Liz's bed. Claire is crocheting next to me and we're listening to country music. And I have decided to take over the world.

Yes, that's right. Most people at CC have tried, at one point or another, to take over the world. I've decided it's my turn. I think I'll use Evangelical Protestants. And spam. Honestly, if I lock people in a room with a telaevangalist type person and only feed them spam for a couple of days, then take them out and tell them, well, just about anything, I think they'd more than readily agree. :) Plus I'd give them normal food. It's kind of like the illegal smugglers who put the parrot's life in danger and then save them so the parrot will trust them. Actually, that's kind of like what the bad guy on The Incredibles did. You know, I really don't like this plan. I will think of something else. But right now, I need to do some Latin homework.

You know, I always have Latin homework to do. I'm not kidding. Even over breaks, it's always hanging over my head. Gosh darn it! Maybe that's someone else's plan for taking over the world.


Blogger Constancia said...

O hobbie!
It sounds like life isn't so great right now, but like you are managing! I wish that I could be there, and give you a big hug!! I miss you and I will see ya soon!!

"I'll be there when you call me in the middle of the night, I'll keep the rain from fallin' down into your life, I promise!"
Love you lots and can't wait to see you soon!

8:09 AM  

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