Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Well, for all the books I want to read this summer, I up and start a book on John's list. Granted this book should have been on my list. It was supposed to be there. I drew up the list in a hurry and was actually thinking about many other pressing matters. (Well, maybe not pressing as, um, disturbing? Troubling? It's six in the morning, I'm not a very good thesaurus. Anyway, it was one of those stay up all night nights, so I thought I'd take advantage of it. I cleaned up the bookshelf in the living room (that took awhile), did some research on distributism (see The Commons), washed those dishes (I was feeling guilty, and ended up on the couch watching music videos on Yahoo music. (Lifetime, Behind Blue Eyes, Everytime We Touch, Song For The Dumped, Battle Of Who Could Care Less, and The Distance.)

I was just about to go to bed, when I realized that the sun was coming up and I had yet to enjoy my freshly painted "deck." That's where I am now, 6:09 in the am, a balmy 46 degrees F, a comfortable chair, a (now empty) cup of four berry tea (courtesy of Meg, yes I kept it & put it in my suitcase & it's been sitting on my shelf up until about 10 minutes ago), fuzzy socks that Laura-friend & Liz-Duck got me because they are wonderful & I'm an ass, and G.K. Chesterton. Now I'm really not that far, page 12 to be precise (or is it actually accurate, I can never remember, and after watching Jackson get punched in the shoulder over and over, you really think I would. Don't worry, it was a physics thing.) ANYWAY (wow, I go on more tangents that Mr. Bersnak), I was reading Orthodoxy and the beginning has quite the bit to do with insanity. Something that has been on the mind, as of late. (Long story.) Chesterton talked about how logical people are the ones who go insane and artists keep their sanity. (I wonder if artists take the sanity from the logical people. They say a picture steals your soul, why not a painting or a sculpture your sanity? Oh boy.) If I can be so bold as to quote Chesterton, "A flippant person had asked why we say, 'As mad as a hatter.' A more flippant person might answer that a hatter is mad because he has to measure the human head." I read that and thought, "Well, actually, hatters were mad because they used mercury to adjust the browbands of the hats and prolonged exposure to mercury causes insanity. That's why we now have alcohol thermometers and such." Oh dear. Now if we're looking at things either logically or poetically, I'm afraid I'm going to be playing checkers with Poe. Ahhh!!! He also said something about logical people being morbid. I sometimes shock Liz with the weird and twistedly morbid things I do. (Not, like, gross or anything, mostly dumb stuff, like go to a party which involves a long car ride with three people and my ex-boyfriend, or making weird sad picture movies about break ups, or listening to cds that my boyfriend made me over and over and over again, right before I break up with him. You know, I think I'm only morbid about boys. I'd say I should get me to a nunnery, but, well. Actually, I don't know if that's actually morbidity or just melencholy.) Wow, from cleaning, to books to boys. I wonder if Bersnak still has that tanget sign I made him, I think I need it.


Blogger Learning to be Alone said...

Hey Jenne, you always post comments on my blogs, so now its my turn. I told you I wouldn't be blogging this summer, but I guess I changed my mind. I kind of like blogging, and its a good way to keep in touch with people without actually sitting down with a piece of stationary and a pen and saying, "I'm keeping in touch!" There's always someting a little forced about that, at least during the first month of separation. Your night sounded interesting. Why were you up all night, if I may ask? Wow, I don't think I could do that if I didn't have to. I did stay up till 2 last Saturday, but its because Carrie and Jean Marie and I were having a sleepover and watching chic flicks out in my room. I enjoyed it immensely, but spent the next two days tired. Anyway - your tea sounds good. I can't believe its in the 40s there. We're up in the high 80s here, and its gotten above 90. I need to work on my tan before it gets too hot to handle the sun for prolonged periods of time.

Love you!

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