Friday, May 19, 2006

She Will Be Loved

This post goes out to my Ibid friend, who was kind enough to tell me that I was behind on my posting.

I am so tired.I just finished scraping and painting my deck. I could sleep for a week. Granted my deck isn't even half the size of what anything that would pride itself in "deckness." But this is the most physical labor this phantom has done in a loooong time. Phew. The only bad thing, is I got large amounts of paint on the house. *sheepish grin* Disclaimer: I have never painted a deck before. Ever. Ever, ever, ever, ever, ever. I would say more evers but I didn't memorize them all. Anyway, so it's a good tired. It's an I've-accomplished-something-and-my-deck-doesn't-look-like-crud-anymore kind of tired. Much better than the I-sratched-my-nose-and-now-I'm-so-tired-I-can't-move kind of tired. :P And scraping is hard work.

In other news, I won't hear about the test results until Monday. If they are normal, more tests. (Actually, I'd probably have more tests if they're abnormal, too . . . )

I've also been having some fun catching up with my crazy friends here. We've been swaping bizarre stories (he he he), watching movies, and finding out that we all love Hellogoodbye. That makes me so happy! And as it turns out, one of my friends's favorite James Blunt song in Tears and Rain. I don't understand how that song can be so popular and so unknown at the same time. :) (It's my favorite. I love that song so much.)

Oh, and the reason for the weird titile, is that I had the radio on while I was scraping and painting and I heard that song. It was crazy, because Syd has me thinking about songs that have memories attatched to them. And well, that song was first semseter freshman year. *shrug*


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