Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Blood Pressure Meds

For those of you who don't know, I have low blood pressure. Really, it's not high, it's low. I try to do things to raise my blood pressure. I have found something. It's not extra fluids, it's not salt, it's not even support hoes. Nope, it's secular philosophy class. I think, for about a 2.5 hour block of time today, my blood pressure was normal to high. (That is, until I got home and watched Gilmore Girls. If you ever want to calm me down, just shove an episode of the Gilmore girls in front of my face, preferably not season six.) In class today, we finished up discussing whether or not we have free will. (Luckily, most of the class decided that we did.) We then moved on to right and wrong. Now, I really feel that my role in this class is one of an observer. Sort of a philosophical anthropologist. I am only there because the professor was kind enough to let me sit in without paying. I do say stuff when people get totally out of wack. But this was too much. When one student proclaimed that morality is defined only by what the culture believes is right and wrong, I couldn't even speak. It's one thing for a nonthinking teenie bopper (or teenie bopper wanna be) to say something so ridiculous. But a student of philosophy. Someone who claims to study the science that is the handmaid of theology, the highest possible science?! No!! My brain just rejected it. As I was leaving, I really wanted to wing my coffee cup at his head. Of course I didn't do it, but I wanted to. That's how at a loss for words I was. I think that was one of those times that TJ says you're supposed to beat the person with a stick until they agree. Granted, I really don't think that's the best idea, but it was an appealing one. Anyway, I'm getting a taste of how the "real world" thinks and that's what I wanted. So I should be happy. And I am. And now I'm going to go pray for the souls of my classmates.


Blogger Scarcely Human said...

...so... So, it's my moral obligation to shop at Gap and buy impulse buy items? To be buff and tan? Non-conformist goths really ARE evil?!
Hmm... my life just got that much more interesting...

10:40 AM  
Blogger Propter Quid said...

This is what happens when you get too deep into the categorical imperative. When, "It's the thought that counts," you can't really say it's wrong to something except out of obvious hate. Combine this with a denial of the absolute and all you have left to determine morality is the disposition of individuals and societies.

Of course, this is very convenient. You don't have to insult anyone by accusing them or their family of sin. "Oh, you're society does it? Then it's alright!"

1:50 PM  
Blogger White Phantom said...

Hich, start pumping iron in the sun. :P

7:25 PM  

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