Saturday, July 22, 2006

Rumor Has It

"That movie is about my family! We are the Robinsons!"
I have to say, that would be warped, very warped. But that's exactly what happens in Rumor Has It. It's a movie based on The Graduate. I'm generally not a Jennifer Aniston fan. I think she's a dufas. Actually, she's a pretty good actress, but she's in dufas movies and TV shows. This one, however, was good. It was ironic and weird and twisted and left you shaking your head and shuddering, trying to not think about it. If you didn't like The Graduate, DO NOT see this movie, it takes it to the next step. But if you liked it and found it deliciously twisted, you might like Rumor Has It. It needed more Simon & Garfunkel, though. It also gave me some interesting thoughts on sleeping around. (Oh that was a weird sounding sentence, hear me out.) It is a main stream movie, so it was assumed that everyone slept around. (Except in Pasadena, no one has sex in Pasadena, there is a rule.) Anyway, Jennifer's character was freaking out, because she slept with a man who had also slept with her mother and her grandmother. But who else had this man slept with? Probably many, many other women. She wasn't concerned with them. Or how about her? Or her fiancee? If you start concerning yourself with these things, I think you can quickly see what a mess it makes. The whole mother and grandmother thing is kind of extreme, but I think it makes a very good point. Where does it stop? And what if her sister ran into this guy at a bar or something? It's like one of those ice breaker games where everyone stands in a circle and grabs peoples' hands and then try to get untangled. Even though people may have good intentions, usually at least someone gets hurt and nothing gets untangled.


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Blogger Ibid said...

See, I'm kinda scared to see it because I liked the Graduate so much. I figured that the bizarre sequel would ruin the original for me.

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Blogger Learning to be Alone said...

I think generally I'm pretty content (well, I don't know if that's the right word, but whatever) knowing that sin exists... I don't want to see the gory details played out in all their dark splendor. Still, good point. It doesn't stop anywhere. Takes the whole "no boundaries" idea to a whole 'nother level.

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Blogger White Phantom said...

PQ -- yes, very yes.
Ibidem -- I don't think I've ever heard anyone use the phrase "I liked the Graduate so much" before. But you were actually the first person I thought of when I saw this movie. (Oh that sounded kind of weird.)
MB -- I'm usually not so interested in seeing sin flaunted in front of me. (That would be very strange.) This was just so out there crazy that, I don't know. I think it showed an end to what that thinking can bring.

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Blogger Ibid said...

If part of the point of Rumor Has It was to show the stupidity of the "free love" culture we live in, then it may be closer to The Graduate than one may think. The Graduate, both the original story and the movie, are commentaries on the rising fad that appeared in the late 60s and early 70s of the crucial need for each and every person to have made love before they move on from college. Of course, as is shown in The Graduate, as Jenne and Andrew hopefully picked up, secret affairs and liaisons can only bring about harm. I could lecture more on The Graduate, both as a movie and as a comenatary of the times, but this is a comment box for a blog, not the most appropriate place to have such a discussion. Maybe when we are all back at school I'll do it, but not now.

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Blogger White Phantom said...

Unfortunately Ibid, I'm not sure that the point of the movie was the stupidity of free love. But it's pretty obvious for anyone who thinks. (At least I think so.)

1:58 PM  
Blogger Donna-Katie said...

I've never actually watched The Graduate all the way through, but I did enjoy Rumor Has It on several levels.

Although I don't think the movie actually recognizes its own thematic significance, I definitely think you guys are onto something -- that what's really at play here is the simple fact that sin -- particularly sins of a sexual variety -- makes life complicated, and has ridiculously far-reaching repercussions.

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