Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Everything Looks Better From The Back of a Motorcycle

What I've deemed as "the sickness" has been going around campus. Carducci got it and gave it to me. I still have it, but am sharing with Liz B. For about a week I vainly threw Sudafed, gallons of water, vitiman C, and Theraflu at it. I even took some of Sean's grapefruit seed extract. But once it settled in my chest and sinuses, I descided to readicate the little buggers. So it was off to Martins for antibiotics. Megan volunteered to take me. . . ON THE MOTORCYCLE. Music to my little hobbit ears. It was her first time taking a passanger. We were both a bit nervous, but very quickly we were riding in style with the wind blowing through our ha-helmets. Not quick as glamerous, but much safer.

We made it to Martins in one piece. I got my prescription without too much hastle. (They needed all my information at least twice.) I have to say, I often gripe about my insurance company, because they put up such a stink about paying for the Mayo Clinic. But they are pretty good about some things. Like the antibiotics, for instance, were $117. I paid $25. Althought it does seem very silly to pay someone to pay someone else. If doctors would just charge what their services were worth and not price gouge the masses, insurance companies would be almost obsolete and there would be only a few middle men. But I suppose that means less monies for the doctors, not to mention insurance companies. Heaven forbid they didn't have two houses, three cars and a pool. I mean, that would just be unreasonable. Sorry, there are so many things about doctors that get me on my high horse.

As we rode back to campus, we took an out of the way, 'round about road. It was so beautiful. I've always thought the Shanendoah Valley was gorgeous, but from the back of a bike, oh man. There's nothing like it. We rode through farm land, through woods, over the low water bridge. We went up hills and down them and around curves. Everywhere I looked, I was confronted with vivid green and blue. Oh, it was beautiful. And motorcycles are AWESOME!


Blogger Propter Quid said...

Motorcycles, ha, try mopeds. Especially mopeds carrying middleaged men in two thousand Euro suits that stop about five inches from you when you're crossing the road and park on the sidewalk. Yeh, that's the way it is.

Oh, and I don't think it's the doctors that make medication so expensive. Drug companies, maintain a monopoly on their medications and are able to charge whatever they want to the common market. I think the problem probably starts there.

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