Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wierd Dream

The other night I had one of the clearest dreams I've had since freshman year. I think it rivals the one I had before logic class. :P

I had just finished washing my hands, when I noticed by my left thumb there was a spider bite. I realized that it had been there for a few days and the redness surrounding it was spreading throughout my whole hand. Not only that, but there was puss coming out of it. I found Mary B. and said, "Hey Mary, I think I got bit by that brown recluse. I think it's in my room somewhere." Mary looked at my hand and said, "Yea. Yea I think you're right. Um, do you want me to call the doctor? You should probably get a doctor appointment." (Note: There IS a brown recluse living outside my window & it takes, like 8 hours before things start turning black and falling off. If it had been a couple of days, I would be dead. End note.) I agreed that a doctor might be a good idea. But then I thought sometimes it takes awhile to get an appointment. So I said, "Well, you know, maybe it would be better to just go to the emergency room." Mary thought that was a good idea and left.

I sat down and thought about how I could get to the er, as it was a Sunday afternoon and no one was around. (Mary doesn't have a car.) It did cross my mind to call an ambulance, but I thought that was rather extreme for a spider bite. I then remembered that the choir practices on Sunday afternoons and Anthony would probably be around. So I called him up. "Hey Smitha. What are you up to this afternoon? Are you busy?" "Well, right now I'm dropping Dane off, but then I don't really know." "Oh, do you have choir practice this afternoon?" "Um, I might. Why?" "Well, see I got bit by a brown recluse and I was wondering if you could drive me to the emergency room if you didn't have choir practice." "I'll come get you right now!"

Then Anthony and I were in the emergency room. It was the usual emergency room routine. Fill out loads of paper work. Wait. Nurse comes in and says hi then leaves. More waiting. Get moved to a different room because someone else needed mine. Nurse comes back in. Leaves again. More waiting. Finally the doctor comes in, looks at the bite and leaves without saying anything. (That's not so normal.) The nurse came back in and said, "Oh shoot! You waited too long. The poison has spread throughout your arm. We're going to have to cut it off. But don't worry, you're young. It'll grow back." I was really put off and annoyed at the fact that I was going to have to stay in the hospital for a few days while my arm grew back.

And then I woke up. I think I need to stop reading Harry Potter right before I go to bed. (I'd just finished the Chamber of Secrets and I think I got the arm growing back thing from Harry's broken arm and stupid silly face trying to fix it.)


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Not anywhere as wierd as the one after Logic class.

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