Tuesday, October 10, 2006


This was the beginning of my finals week. It makes me sad. It was pretty much more of the same until Thrusday afternoon. Wednesday night I wrote two papers. Ugh.

4:30 am – Some nut-face blasts music from St. Catherine’s Glade.

10:00 am – Wake up for real this time. Go down to the Lizes’ room and attempt to make my very first cup of coffee. (Coffee that I’ve made, not that I’ve drunk. I have drunk much coffee.)

10:45 am – Finally armed with an acceptable cup of coffee (yes it took me 45 minutes to work her coffee pot) I start on my Sir Gawain paper.

11:15 am – Study for my history midterm.

11:45 am – Get into dress code.

12:10 pm – Go to lunch and attempt to figure out the Ethics readings & continue studying for my history midterm.

12:50 pm – Go to history having done more eating than studying.

1:00 pm – History midterm.

1:45 pm – Hand in the midterm feeling fairly confident and go check my e-mail. End up typing amazon.com into the address bar and realize that I’ve been at work too long.

2:00 pm – Went to ethics class. Felt stupid as usual.

2:50 pm – Ran upstairs like a crazy person as soon as ethics let out and clocked into work.

4:40 pm – Clocked out and ran back to the dorm for a chapel veil and then to Mass.

5:20 pm – Went to supper.

6:00 pm – Went back to work.

7:00 pm – Shield South Dakota. Went to the top of Coeli to call pro-lifers in South Dakota to ask them to vote in the election.

8:30 pm – Left to set up for Ed’s birthday party. Ended up talking to Anthony about what the bum he is.

8:45 pm – Started talking to Anna about hermaphrodites.

8:55 pm – Realized that I was supposed to have already met Ang, went to call her and tell her I’d be right over.

9:00 pm – Lugged a gallon of ice cream over to Coeli and started blowing up balloons. (I made the poker guys help.)

9:30 pm – Ed’s birthday party started. It was Meg, Ang, me, and a bunch of crazy guys. Uffda.

10:00 pm – Went back to Shield South Dakota to retrieve my & Matt’s cell phones.

11:30 pm – Leave Ed’s party feeling guilty for not studying. Went back to the dorm to drop stuff off.

11:40 pm – Went to Joe’s dungeon to return Matt’s cell phone. Ended up talking to Matt & Thew until curfew.

12:00 am – Walked to Catherine’s with the birthday singers and went to the Liz Room. Time for Sir Gawain paper. I lost track of time after that. It was not any early night.


Blogger Ibid said...

Wow, sounds like somebody had a productive day.

About usual to last year then, eh?

11:15 AM  
Blogger White Phantom said...

Yea, they've cut down on the sophomore papers, but I've got junior papers to deal with, too. So it ends up about the same as last year.

9:40 PM  

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