Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wonderful Thursday

After writing two papers Wednesday night, I was exhausted. I went to bed at 7:30 am and woke up, quite startled, I might add, at 9:50 to the Lizzes telling me I needed to get to Marshner. I still needed to proof and print my Marshner paper, but there was no time for that. I jumped up and grabbed some clothes from Carducci's dresser and some mousee from under the sink and attempted to not look like a fuzz ball. Carducci and I ran to class and got there right before role. She handed her paper in and I slunk to my desk. 85 mins later class was over. Don't ask me what Marshner talked about. I have no idea. After class I ran back to my room and grabbed my papers. I ran to the library to proof and print before my 1 o'clock class. Now all this running wasn't easy, because Carducci's skirt, which is knee-length for her, comes down mid-calf on me and has no slit. Ugh. So I was running around taking really small steps and I had on Blankenship's wedge heels. I felt like a freakin' geshia. Evetally I gave up, took off the shoes and hiked up the skirt and booked it.

I got done with my English paper just in time to had it in to Dr. Marciano at 1. Exactly one class day late. She looked at me and kind of cringed and I shruged. I probably wouldn't have remembered that class, except we were reading Dr. Faustus out loud and Greg was Faustus. He dragged a desk to the front of the room and acted the part of an angst-y intellectual ready to make a deal with the devil. Abuelo was the bad angel and he blew a rasberry at Lori, who, as the good angel came fluttering up to "Faustus." Yea, I couldn't have slept through that if I'd wanted to! I did manage to proof my Marshner paper during it, though. After class I made the appropriate changes, printed out the paper and headed for Coeli.

As soon as that was done, it was time for Factor. I saw in the first 15 minutes or so that this was going to be even less productive than Marshner. Factor was talking about St. Thomas and order to the end. Basically the first couple weeks of Ethics class. So I wrote a story for Mary Beth that I will hopefully send soonly. My pen started running out, but the ideas were coming out of my head so fast. I paused them for a momment to ask Carducci for a pen. The silly-willy didn't have one. Sarah did, but it ran out on me before I finished a sentence. So I went back to my very dying pen. I have a whole page writen in indentation from my pen. Not the easiest way to write. But I wasn't about to say, "Excuse me, Mr. Factor. Does anyone have a pen? I'm writing this great story and I really need to finish." I finished it with a half an hour left in class and took notes with an orange highlighter. It was fun. And then, FREEDOM!!! (Granted there were still classes the next day, but no more tests or papers until we got back!)

After some quick deliberations, Meg, Matt, Joe, Carducci, and I went up to Skyline. (To Dicky Ridge, despite Joe's protests. Carducci read my story out loud and we all had a good laugh. The guys climbed an enormous tree, while Carducci, Meg, and I looked on in horror. I've seen Joe climb much tall trees, so I wasn't too worried about him, but I wasn't so confident about Matt's skills. They both climbed splendidly and got down safely, at which point Joe and Carducci took off for Sarah's house. (It's actually Colin's, but that's kind of confusing.) Meg, Matt, & I stayed for a little while longer. We took some pictures, got very cold and headed off to Spelunker's.

Spelunker's was fun, as always. There was burgers and board walk fries and custard. I, for some reason, couldn't seem to keep my custard in my cone. A good chunk ended on my shirt and in my hand. Uffda. Meg and Matt got some good laughs at that. Hrumph. I'm glad someone did. We chased the sunset back to campus. Meg ran off to play practice and Matt walked me back to the dorm. I'm so happy he didn't carry me again! I went to the room with every intention of cleaning it. I decided to just lay down for 15 min. . . An hour and a half later Meg came flying into the room asking if I was ready to go. I jumped up. We were planning on going to The Guardian at 9. It was 9:05 and our room was a mess and there was room checks. After an amazing 10 second tidy (Big Comfy Couch anyone?), we were off. The movie wasn't acutally playing, but the amazing theatre people put it on for us. I LOVE THE PEOPLE WHO WORK AT THE FRONT ROYAL THEATER!!! The movie was awesome. A bit of a predictable plot line, but that's not always bad.

We got back at curfew and I ran to Monica P.'s room for birthday singing. The boys are getting much better. As I said after For The Longest Time, my socks were sufficiently rocked. They refuse to do the Star Wars Gangsta Rap without Sean or Ibid. I'm about ready to get out there and do it myself. We then had a very small shin dig and watched Win A Date With Tad Hamliton. I was very happy to find that Monica, Carissa, Annie, and Mel all loved the same part I did. (I can't get enough of your love, baby. . . ) And that was that. A good day.


Blogger Propter Quid said...


Look who got all prolific all of a sudden...

Crazy as usual I see...

Maybe it's a good thing you didn't come to Rome...

I mean, in that geshia outfit you might have gotten killed.

God Bless.

2:43 PM  
Blogger Ibid said...

Sounds like somebody's having a lot of fun with out us, hmmm.

They won't do Star Wars because nobody can rap.

8:57 AM  
Blogger punkrebel said...

Ah...I really don't miss the Christendom pre-fall break midterm/papers from hell week. ;) Then again, I don't get a fall break (stupid liberals...)

9:32 PM  
Blogger Learning to be Alone said...

Hey, hey, is that story for ME, or another Mary Beth? You can't go throwing peoples' names around like that without getting them very excited.

You manage to make life at Christendom sound so fascinating and exciting! I would never have that much to say at school. You make me miss Front Royal so much... I can't wait to get back to cold weather! All this sunshine and 80 degrees is killing me. ;) I love you lots! God bless.

8:56 AM  
Blogger White Phantom said...

It's for you, MB. And that day was relatively interesting. Although interesting things tend to happen to me much.
As far as people not being able to rap, I don't understand! Beats are really not that hard!!! (Sorry, just got done with swing practice.)

7:16 PM  

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