Friday, November 24, 2006


I find it interesting how differently everyone celebrates different holidays. In my 2.5 years at Christendom, I've spent Thanksgiving at Katie D.'s, Mary Beth's, and now Liz B.'s. I've had Easter at a convent and at Liz C.'s. I've celebrated many birthdays for many of my friends and their relatives. I really like going to other people's houses for breaks, because it's really neat to see how my friends live and what their families are like. It's funny though, as much as I enjoy it, right before break, my inner meloncholic comes out and I'm convinced that whoever's house I'm staying at's parents won't like me and will think I'm a horrible person. *shrug* That hasn't happened yet, but I suppose it could.

Anyway, I'm having a good time with Liz's family. Tuesday afternoon, right after classes, Liz and I headed out to Springfield for her grandmother's birthday. I got to meet some cousins an aunt or two, her brother (not Jimmy, silly) and his wife, and of course her grandmother. That was fun. We ate foods and then played with her cousins. We then hijacked Colin and walked around the mall in search of place. We never found it. But we did get kicked out of the rest stop for resting. That was pretty sweet. :) Then the mall closed so Colin went home and Liz and I went to Matt's house. That required a bit of singing of the Doug theme song, but we got there in one piece with, I think, no wrong turns. Kudos to Matt for his directions. Although the goofball wasn't home when we got there, so we talked to his dad for awhile. Nice guy. Matt got home and we ate some cookies and grapefruit juice (interesting combination) and flat, flat soda, while debating the adulteration of ice in drinks. We then started Equilibrium, but Liz was too tired to watch such a thought provoking movie. (Matt, somehow, didn't find it thought provoking.) So we watched The Matrix instead. We were starting Muppet Treasure Island, when I anounced that I was going to bed. Liz and Matt decided that was a good idea. Liz and I had to be up by 9:30 to get back to school to drive Gabe to his sister's house. So we said good night and good bye, because Matt not having to get up at the crack of dawn (9 is totally the crack of dawn on break), was not going to see us off in the morning.

After my alarm going off for a half an hour, Liz and I finally got up and hit the road. We got to school and she dropped me off to sleep. Yay sleep! She grabbed Gabe and Frankie and took them to Gabe's sister's house. I woke up about 2 and she picked me up and we drove all the way to her house. We bumed around until rosary, then Legion of Mary came to take the Pilgrim Virgin, and then *large wonderful sigh* homemade supper. Oh, it was bliss I tell you. I can't even describe. After living on a diet of school food and fast food, oh man. After supper, we bummed around some more until Jonathan, Erin, and Gracie (Labordoodle) came over. We all played with Gracie for awhile and then we played Catchphrase. I much love that game and it was so much fun to play with Liz's family. Then everyone went to bed except Liz and I, who had a basement, internet, and a TV. Yea, we stayed up for awhile.

We were awoken the next morning at the crack of dawn (see previous paragraphs) by Gracie and Jonathan. We weren't excited about getting up, but when we walked upstairs, there was food. Oh, more good food. After breakfast we all hung out, got ready for the day slowly, and basically just enjoyed each other. Jonathan and Erin had just gotten their wedding pictures back, so we all looked at them. At noon I went to Mass at HLI and ended up next to Brenda and Declan. That was pretty sweet. After Mass I got to talk to Clement for a little while. He is MUCH taller than me now. Ahh! I think Seamus is about my height. I came back to the house and Jimmy had arrived. We all played Gestures until the turkey was ready and then, more food! Yay! After foods, we prayed the rosary and then sat around talking about what we wanted to do next. We pretty much did that until pie. After pie there was more talking and then Jon, Erin, and Gracie left. Liz and I, ironically enough, did Pilates. Yay! Go us! And then got sucked into computer games for many hours. I beat myself for awhile with nunchakus. And then bed time.

This morning we slept until we woke up. I take that back, I slept until I woke up, Liz is still sleeping. :)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Brides & Brothers/Beauties & Beasts

This was a great weekend. Thursday night (I know that's not part of the weekend, chill) was dress rehersal for 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. We finally got lights, so Tyler and I got to play with the shinny expensive toys. He he he. After we tripped a breaker. . . *grimace* It went really well. Thursday was also Joe's 22 birthday. Colin came down and we all had foods at Colin and Sarahs. (Beware, this post has two Colins and I'm not going to put a last initial just to be mean.) Bill and Beth and their kids are here for the winter, so they came, too. This was the first time I've met Beth and the kids, so that was cool.

Friday was opening night. The acting was splendid, it really was. Unfortunately we tripped another breaker (or so we thought) as the curtain went up for the first scene. I sat there staring at the dark stage, holding a no longer working light board for probably longer than I should have. It turns out that we fried some wires in the outlet. Oops. So I ran backstage and flipped the breaker for the stage lights for the rest of the play. Anyone who's ever flipped that breaker knows what I'm talking about. But it was fun. I like hanging out backstage. After the show, we all hit the student center for some Emperor's New Groove.

Saturday I went to work for a few hours, after sleeping many. I love working at the booksale so much. It's great. At 5 Colin picked Liz and I up to eat turkey pot pie at Colin and Sarah's. Such good foods. Then Liz and headed over to the school for our second performance. (It's so nice that Colin and Sarah live right there.) Shortly after I got there, Tyler informed me that the light problem was fixed and I was not needed that night. So I went back to the house and watched The Office on Colin's ipod. It was great. Colin, Sarah, Joe, and I were crowed around it, while Colin laughed at us. The funniest thing, was that it was plugged into the sound system, so it was a tiny, tiny screen with suround sound. :) After Liz was done with her scene, we liberated her and saw the new 007 movie. I haven't seen any of the other ones, but this was awesome! Oh man. We sat in the theatre for a half an hour and talked about it. (The theatre dude thought we were really funny.) Both Colin and I wanted to punch something or jump off of something or basically do something really awesome. We settled for driving back to the house really fast and cool like (that was Colin) and listening to Nickleback (that was both of us.) Once back we laughed at Ryan as he attempted to pump up an air matress. Joe and I ate a bunch of stuffing. The guys then engaged in one of their favorite past times, that is, watching girls play video games. Liz v. me. Joe relished the fact that his girlfriend was winning. Colin gave me annoying advice until I screamed, then he gave me more. Ahhh! Colin layed on the couch and said nothing useful at all until I finally sat on him. Then Colin took over the Mario Car and we all watched until it was time for bed. Liz and I shared a bed with Sarah. (That bed is HUGE.) Ryan was in the dinning room with his air matress/workout machine, Colin on the counch in his mummy sack, and I'm not sure what happened to Joe and Colin.

Sunday I was woken up by Sarah, Colin, Liz, and Joe jumping on me. I think that's the coolest waking up I've ever had. We went to the noon thirty Mass (also just down the road, I LOVE it!) Colin pointed out that it was really kind of like a parade. We took three cars everwhere we went. It was pretty funny. Because of that, the six of us ended up scattered in pairs all over the church. *shrug* We then paraded back to the house for pop tarts and donut sticks (not advised) and another episode of The Office on Colin's ipod. Liz and I then ran, with 15 minutes to curtian, to the school for the Sunday matinee. Tyler told me that we'd tripped yet another breaker, and, though the lights were working at that momment, they may not the next. So I hung out backstage waiting to be useful. I wasn't. We only had a couple of hours between showings, so Liz and I ran back to the house for about a half hour and hung out with Colin, Sarah, and Colin. We then ran back and got pizza. Chris had Disney songs on his ipod and plugged them into the sound system and a good chunk of the cast (and crew!) sang and danced about on stage (much to the amusement of Tony's family.) And then the final performance. Some interesting things got added, but nothing too crazy. The lights were still working, so I sat in the audience with Tyler and yelled at him when he did something wrong. Colin came by to say good bye, but he didn't stay for the show. We had two suprises, though. Peach and Cyrus both showed up. Peach had to leave this morning, but Cyrus is here until break. (So, like tomorrow.) Clean up was actually a pretty good time. Having finally perfected the art of following Tyler around, I knew just when to ask if he needed my help and when to just poke him repeatedly. (I'm such a mean person.) Tyler, Liz, and I ended up being the last people to leave the school. We had both lights and sound to put away, because we got abandonded. Hrmph. Anyway, we didn't miss too much of Beauty & the Beast. We've decided that needs to be done for the next musical. We have everyone pretty much cast. I get to be Mrs. Pots. That makes me much happy. (Granted if it actually happens, I'll probablly be a chorus girl or something.)

A good weekend.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Good Ol' Days

Sunday was girls open house. Girls were cleaning like mad as usual. But not very many guys showed up right away. *shrug* Ed got to our room first. Then Matt showed up. After awhile Colin appeared. He and I nunchakued for much time. He even upgraded me to the wooden ones. Ah yeah. I used Liz B's stuffed bunny as target practice for awhile. Now THAT was a good time. After open house was over; Joe, Matt, Colin, Liz, Liz, and I went to place to eat Italian foods for supper. That was sooo much fun. Then we all hit swing practice. Even more fun. Then Joe, Liz, Colin, and I went to Sarah and Colin's to watch The Brave Little Toaster. Unfortunately they didn't have The Brave Little Toaster at either Movie Gallery or Blockbuster. So Colin and I kind of wandered around for awhile like lost sheep. We finally rented. . . something. The Great Escape. That's what it was and went back to Colin & Sarah's to watch The Great Muppet Capper. Yea, not quite sure how that happened. *shrug* :)

That day got me thinking about the good old days of last year when Joe & Eric lived at Gardian Angel & the Colins were still at Kevin's. It made me think of chicken noodle soup, sleeping on the couch, video games, apple pie, coffee hopping, japanese techno, Elephant Love Medely, shaking hands, many weapons, movies, and so, so much more. I MISS THAT!!!! But never fear, Colin's coming back this weekend and we are all going to watch The Great Escape, because we're cool like that. :)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Maybe It Is Me

On TV?

Nobody tells me anything. I rolled out of bed this morning and went to work. As I got to the library, I noticed a truck backed up right to the front doors and guys unloading things. The library's fairly new, (It's going on it's third year.) so it's not suprising that stuff would be being done to it. I just hoped that there were some shelves in there for me. I clocked in and sat down at my desk. I watched the men carry things in as I worked. I saw a couple shelves come in and my little hobbit heart leaped with joy. It was time to hit the book sale proper to find a few books that had just gotten sold. As I walked downstairs, I noticed a larg truck parked outside of the basement entrance. It said something like this: EWTN Catholic Network. Meh?! EWTN was at my school? At my work at my school? Needless to say I pondered muchly as I looked for those books. I found a couple of them and went back upstairs. Turns out that we'd all gotten notices in our boxes (except me) saying that EWTN was coming to interview our major speaker on Tuesday and Raymond Arroyo was going to be filming two episodes of The World Over Live in the upstairs of the library. The topic? Medical ethics. Oh man, I've got to figure out how to get in on this.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Boys Are Stupid, Throw Rocks At Them

I'm sorry, I haven't updated in a really long time. And right now's probably not the best time, either, because I'm in a rather fowl mood. I'm trying to figure out how I've managed to piss off so many people in the last week or so. I mean really, it's been difficult trying to keep up with who's not speaking to me. And, save my roommate, they've all been guys. I'm beginning to think it's not me, it's them.

I've decided that boys are more trouble than they are worth. I mean, they fly off the handle about things, they then won't talk about them, they get mopy. You practially have to feed them, otherwise they don't eat. You almost have to dress them otherwise they don't match. (And if they do, they're probably not interested in girls, anyway.) They have all of this male ego you have to try not to poke a hole into. That's almost impossible. They're almost impossible. Ahh! Boys have cooties.

There are too many boys that don't make sense. Come back Sean! Come back Andrew! Come back Matt! Come back Sam! Come back Mike! You guys make sense.