Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Good Ol' Days

Sunday was girls open house. Girls were cleaning like mad as usual. But not very many guys showed up right away. *shrug* Ed got to our room first. Then Matt showed up. After awhile Colin appeared. He and I nunchakued for much time. He even upgraded me to the wooden ones. Ah yeah. I used Liz B's stuffed bunny as target practice for awhile. Now THAT was a good time. After open house was over; Joe, Matt, Colin, Liz, Liz, and I went to place to eat Italian foods for supper. That was sooo much fun. Then we all hit swing practice. Even more fun. Then Joe, Liz, Colin, and I went to Sarah and Colin's to watch The Brave Little Toaster. Unfortunately they didn't have The Brave Little Toaster at either Movie Gallery or Blockbuster. So Colin and I kind of wandered around for awhile like lost sheep. We finally rented. . . something. The Great Escape. That's what it was and went back to Colin & Sarah's to watch The Great Muppet Capper. Yea, not quite sure how that happened. *shrug* :)

That day got me thinking about the good old days of last year when Joe & Eric lived at Gardian Angel & the Colins were still at Kevin's. It made me think of chicken noodle soup, sleeping on the couch, video games, apple pie, coffee hopping, japanese techno, Elephant Love Medely, shaking hands, many weapons, movies, and so, so much more. I MISS THAT!!!! But never fear, Colin's coming back this weekend and we are all going to watch The Great Escape, because we're cool like that. :)


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Blogger Askinstoo said...

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Blogger Ibid said...

Looks like its time to turn on the Spam blocker on the blog.

Tis a shame.

I miss those good ol' days too. Man, why do things have to change.

11:59 PM  
Blogger Propter Quid said...

Aww the good old days... creamed sweet potatoes all over my face... Oh, wait, too far back.

Anyway, I know what you mean. The crew will be back in a week or two just so you know.

look up, it gets better, I mean can it get any worse?

9:06 AM  

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