Friday, November 24, 2006


I find it interesting how differently everyone celebrates different holidays. In my 2.5 years at Christendom, I've spent Thanksgiving at Katie D.'s, Mary Beth's, and now Liz B.'s. I've had Easter at a convent and at Liz C.'s. I've celebrated many birthdays for many of my friends and their relatives. I really like going to other people's houses for breaks, because it's really neat to see how my friends live and what their families are like. It's funny though, as much as I enjoy it, right before break, my inner meloncholic comes out and I'm convinced that whoever's house I'm staying at's parents won't like me and will think I'm a horrible person. *shrug* That hasn't happened yet, but I suppose it could.

Anyway, I'm having a good time with Liz's family. Tuesday afternoon, right after classes, Liz and I headed out to Springfield for her grandmother's birthday. I got to meet some cousins an aunt or two, her brother (not Jimmy, silly) and his wife, and of course her grandmother. That was fun. We ate foods and then played with her cousins. We then hijacked Colin and walked around the mall in search of place. We never found it. But we did get kicked out of the rest stop for resting. That was pretty sweet. :) Then the mall closed so Colin went home and Liz and I went to Matt's house. That required a bit of singing of the Doug theme song, but we got there in one piece with, I think, no wrong turns. Kudos to Matt for his directions. Although the goofball wasn't home when we got there, so we talked to his dad for awhile. Nice guy. Matt got home and we ate some cookies and grapefruit juice (interesting combination) and flat, flat soda, while debating the adulteration of ice in drinks. We then started Equilibrium, but Liz was too tired to watch such a thought provoking movie. (Matt, somehow, didn't find it thought provoking.) So we watched The Matrix instead. We were starting Muppet Treasure Island, when I anounced that I was going to bed. Liz and Matt decided that was a good idea. Liz and I had to be up by 9:30 to get back to school to drive Gabe to his sister's house. So we said good night and good bye, because Matt not having to get up at the crack of dawn (9 is totally the crack of dawn on break), was not going to see us off in the morning.

After my alarm going off for a half an hour, Liz and I finally got up and hit the road. We got to school and she dropped me off to sleep. Yay sleep! She grabbed Gabe and Frankie and took them to Gabe's sister's house. I woke up about 2 and she picked me up and we drove all the way to her house. We bumed around until rosary, then Legion of Mary came to take the Pilgrim Virgin, and then *large wonderful sigh* homemade supper. Oh, it was bliss I tell you. I can't even describe. After living on a diet of school food and fast food, oh man. After supper, we bummed around some more until Jonathan, Erin, and Gracie (Labordoodle) came over. We all played with Gracie for awhile and then we played Catchphrase. I much love that game and it was so much fun to play with Liz's family. Then everyone went to bed except Liz and I, who had a basement, internet, and a TV. Yea, we stayed up for awhile.

We were awoken the next morning at the crack of dawn (see previous paragraphs) by Gracie and Jonathan. We weren't excited about getting up, but when we walked upstairs, there was food. Oh, more good food. After breakfast we all hung out, got ready for the day slowly, and basically just enjoyed each other. Jonathan and Erin had just gotten their wedding pictures back, so we all looked at them. At noon I went to Mass at HLI and ended up next to Brenda and Declan. That was pretty sweet. After Mass I got to talk to Clement for a little while. He is MUCH taller than me now. Ahh! I think Seamus is about my height. I came back to the house and Jimmy had arrived. We all played Gestures until the turkey was ready and then, more food! Yay! After foods, we prayed the rosary and then sat around talking about what we wanted to do next. We pretty much did that until pie. After pie there was more talking and then Jon, Erin, and Gracie left. Liz and I, ironically enough, did Pilates. Yay! Go us! And then got sucked into computer games for many hours. I beat myself for awhile with nunchakus. And then bed time.

This morning we slept until we woke up. I take that back, I slept until I woke up, Liz is still sleeping. :)


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