Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Enough is Enough

Sorry guys. It's been reeeeeaaaally long. So basically my life in the last almost two months. School ended. Went home. Helped Bob fix our house after the flood. Got a car. Drove across the country with Bob. Got a job as a handicapped attendee for a four year old boy with autism. Moved into my room. (Ry's old one.) Went to an Alan Jackson/Brooks & Dunn concert with Liz and Margret. Started running/working out again. Went to Laura's wedding. Had an awesome time at Laura's wedding. Have been spending much time in a not so far off land where wonderful and funny people live (one person in particular. . . ). Found a stable for to start riding again. Learned a bit of fencing. Switched jobs to a nine year old girl with autism. And I don't start that until Friday, so I have a couple of days off for scampering about the area being a beatnik. So tomorrow it's off to see my dearest penguin bear (still working on the nicknames. . . ) again. *sigh* I have such a good life. Hopefully I will be filling y'all in on it more regularly.